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Spiritual Common Sense : Volume First Edition

By: Dr. Frank P. Ferraro

Spiritual Common Sense is based on a system of Principles of Christian Living including the Laws of Divine Establishment Principles AND Contemporary Historical Trends – 1976 to 2020. Common sense is NOT inherent but is something which has to be taught and Learned. Common sense is the application of things which you learn in life it is not instinctive. Principles have to be taught and the application of these principles are common sense. This book is a summary, not so...

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The Royal Family Honor Code : Living as a Christian: Living as a C...

By: Dr. Frank P Ferraro

The Royal Family Honor Code is the Plan of God “The Good” (Rom 8:28) is the Plan of God and each of these verses has an honor code principle related to the Plan of God so that the Royal Family Honor Code is the Plan of God, and one is the principle and the other the function. (Rom 16:19, Rom 14:16, Rom 15:2-) The purpose of the Royal Family Honor Code is to provide the needed privacy and protection from bullying and for survival in life during advance to Maturity Adjus...

Honor & Aristocracy It is difficult to teach honor codes because they are related to aristocracy and when people begin to think like peasants they become peasants and as peasants it is almost impossible to communicate an honor code system to them. People who cannot think in terms of aristocracy will be petty and jealous and vindictive and bicker and play at being spiritual king of the mountain and see who can out do the other and they have all sorts of hangups and are ...

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