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Migration: The COMPAS Anthology

By: Bridget Anderson, Editor; Michael Keith, Editor

‘Migration’ is a difficult word. It encompasses multiple interlinked practices, policies and relationships, and it touches people all over the world in myriad ways. This anthology is designed both as a teaching and research resource and as a provocation. Contributions range from personal reflections to succinct overviews, and include poetry and images, posing questions and sharing insights on the multifaceted phenomenon that we call ‘migration’, and linking it to wider ...

"The arrogation of powers to keep people ‘in place’ – from historical regimes of serfdom, to contemporary measures to regulate movement, to modern city forms such as the hukou system in China – all define who is and who is not a migrant in relation to regional, national and municipal governance of scarce public goods and ideologies of nation or belonging."

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